The 2008 Columbus Crew: A Poem

To Guillermo Barros Schelotto,
How I’ve missed you so.
Your free kicks toward goal,
Business man socks,
Watching Alejandro’s flops.
The Nordecke’s bow,
Hoping for a foul.
Chad Marshall rising above,
Danny O’s shoves,
And Frankie’s eccentric overlapping runs,
The last of which clinched an everlasting fun,
A happy moment in the California sun.
Celebrating for a number of reasons,
Before a roster depletion,
We will always have this massive season.

Be Massive.


About Be Massive Soccer

A fan's perspective on the Columbus Crew.
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One Response to The 2008 Columbus Crew: A Poem

  1. There are huge number of soccer fans all over the world and they are doing many things just to be noticed by the players they like. Some make huge banners that are commonly made by many fans. This one is a bit different the poem was nice and interesting.

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