Invite One Friend

Columbus Crew fans have taken it upon themselves once again to attract newcomers to the stadium. Leading the most recent movement has been Massive Report’s own genius of podcasting, Matt Goshert.

Invite One Friend was started mainly due to two reasons: how well the sold-out Nordecke looked during the Crew’s first home game and the history of bad attendances for the Crew’s second home game of the season (coupled with the fact that the second game takes place during Easter weekend the year).

Goshert went around the various forms of communication for Crew fans to spread the word. This was his message:

Hey folks – wasn’t it cool last Saturday how the corner was full? It’s because Nordecke was sold out for a non-LA match for the first time in a long time. You know what would be even more cool? If we did it again. This is my challenge to you, Nordecke. Invite one friend. It’s simple. You have between now and April 7 to figure out who you are taking to the match against NY. Bring someone who’s never been to a Columbus Crew match or someone who hasn’t been in a while. Show them what we are all about. Obviously you can bring more if you’d like, but the point is at least do this.

Invite one friend.
Lets see if we can sell out the corner two matches in a row.

On Twitter, the hashtag #InviteOneFriend has even been retweeted by the Crew’s official account. Fans have taken the initiative to keep Crew Stadium full.

You can contact one of the supporters groups for Nordecke tickets (Crew Supporters Union, Hudson Street Hooligans, or La Turbina Amarilla). also has a wide variety of tickets available.

How many are you bringing?

Be Massive.


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