Gaven, Miranda, and Renteria Song Suggestions

Eddie Gaven is an avid piano player.  A few years ago, someone on the glorious website that is BigSoccer suggested a song to honor the hardworking midfielder.  Piano Man, by Billy Joel, seemed like a magnificent fit.  However, the song never really caught on with the masses, although it is occasionally sung by a small number of people.  To hopefully spread the word a little bit more, I bring you the Eddie Gaven version of Piano Man:

“Score us a goal, Eddie Ga-a-ven.
Score us a goal tonight.
We’re all in the mood for a victory,
and you’ve got us feeling alright.
La la la, de de da.
La la, de de da da da.”

Right-back Sebastian Miranda proved to be one of the most consistent defenders on the Crew, and in all of MLS, during his first year with the team in 2011.  The Nordecke needs a song for such a solid contributer night in and night out.  Originally tweeted by MassiveCityFFC, this old Adam West song might be what everyone has been searching for:

“Will tonight be the night that you reveal yourself as… THE MAGNIFICENT MIRANDA?
I’ve never met a player like you, Miranda! (Miranda)
And I’d do anything for you if you’d just ask. (Miranda)
For someone powerful as you, it’s no big task! (Miranda)”

(Repeat lines 2-4)

Forward Emilio Renteria is a bulldozer.  He literally plows over everyone who gets in his way on the field.  Because of his play, fans refer to him as El Toro Negro, the black bull.  Meanwhile, Nigerian forward Yakubu, currently playing for Blackburn Rovers, has a reputation as a deadly forward when given the chance.  If you give him the ball, it’s likely to end up in the back of the net.  Fans have chanted, “Feed the Yak and he will score.”  Due to both players often being compared to animals, I came up with a simple change for another chant for Renteria:

“Feed the bull, feed the bull, feed the bull and he will score! Feed the bull and he will score!”

Be Massive.


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