New Players, New Chants!

With the Columbus Crew adding players left and right this offseason, new chants need to be formulated to support them.  The Nordecke is full of the most creative people I know, so I’m sure many options will become viable before the season begins.

Milovan Mirosevic- While at Universidad Católica in Chile, the fans had an endearing chant for Mirosevic.  I’m sure he would love it if he heard it coming from the Nordecke as well.

“Ohh, Dale Milovan, Milovan, Milovan, Dale Milovan!”

Olman Vargas- The Costa Rican forward will hopefully make a great connection with Emilio Renteria up top for Columbus next year.  This chant is a little more simpler, which isn’t always a bad thing.

(To the tune of Olé) “Olman, Olman, Olman, Olman, Vargas, Vargas!”

Be Massive.


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A fan's perspective on the Columbus Crew.
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