Two-Stick Support

There are standing sections in almost every soccer stadium in the world.  It is here where the biggest fans rally together for their team every home game and, sometimes after excessive travel, for away games as well.

For the Columbus Crew, this place is the Nordecke, German for north corner.  A place for the die-hards and hard-core fanatics.  A place for people to show their support and display their affection for the Crew.

There are numerous ways to visually encourage the team, including waving your scarf, lighting off flares and/or smoke bombs, and different forms of tifo (overheads, banners, two-sticks).  While I love waving my scarf, there is no better feeling than holding up your own two-stick that you created yourself.

A two-stick is exactly that.  A piece of fabric with a design held up by two sticks, or poles.  There are many ways to go about creating your own two-stick, and everyone has their own preferred method.

I made my first two-stick during the middle of the 2011 season.  It was a simple design.  A soccer ultra with his hood up and face covered while holding up a traditional bar scarf.  The text reads, “We are MASSIVE.”  This is the traditional cry in the Nordecke referring to the team’s mantra.

After making one, I became hooked.  I had another simple idea that I wanted to try next.

In Italy, most of the standing supporters’ sections are named after the curve in which they are located within the stadium.  The Nordecke, being in the north curve of Crew Stadium, would traditionally be known as Curva Nord in Italy.  So, not worrying about possible political references, I created this all-text based two-stick with a simple design scheme.

After finishing the Curva Nord two-stick, I had a little black fabric left over.  Instead of throwing it away, I decided to attempt a different style of two-stick.

Vamos is a Spanish-slang term that translates to mean, “Let’s go!”  Vamos Crew is just a way of saying “Let’s go Crew” in Spanish.

After one basic design and two all-text designs, I wanted create something a little more complex for my next two-stick.

When someone says, “Columbus ‘Til I Die,” it means that the Crew will forever be their team.  I might move away from Ohio someday, but that doesn’t mean another soccer team will ever be my team in the same way that the Columbus Crew are.  When you have a hometown team, you support them for life.  Until you die.  And that is what being a true soccer fan is all about.

Be Massive.


About Be Massive Soccer

A fan's perspective on the Columbus Crew.
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