Hudson Street Hooligans Pub Shut Down

The Hudson Street Hooligans, one of the supporters groups in the Nordecke, recently had their pub shut down and closed by the City of Columbus after an inspection of their building.  The bar has been open for over a year, but now has been forced to close its doors.  On July 28th, their Certificate of Occupancy was revoked, and several other codes were found to not be in compliance.

There are certain zoning issues with the bar.  Hooligans, located at 2236 Summit St., is zoned for “mercantile” and “residential” use, while the city believes it is really being used for “assembly.”  The city says renovations will have to take place to make the pub safe for assembly use.  These renovations (including an outswinging front door, parking, and fire prevention) could cost up to $50,000.  To continue being in business, the city says Hooligans needs to be rezoned for a different use.  The HSH brass believed they were in compliance with every regulation needed to be open.

A rally was held this morning in front of the pub for everyone support the Hooligans and their pub.  Crew general manager Mark McCullers was present, as was head coach Robert Warzycha.  Former player Duncan Oughton also made an appearance.  Several news stations were there to get the story of the closing of the first ever pub in America opened solely to support a MLS team.

The Hooligans said they intend to make all the necessary changes in order to continue business, but say they can not do so without the funds they garner while open.  They are currently trying to come to an agreement with the city to reopen as soon as possible, while making the pub safe under all regulations.

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