Transformed Into A Soccer Fan

A guest article, written by Carly Compton, on how she became a Columbus Crew fan and a soccer fan in general.

Soccer; a word not in my vocabulary about a year and a half ago.  Now, I talk about it everyday.

I never really knew much about soccer until I met my boyfriend, who changed both my life and my view on soccer.  He is a huge soccer fan, and he has completely transformed the way I think about soccer.   Soccer was always a boring sport to me, where you just run up and down a field kicking a ball.  It is completely different to me now.

I have always loved sports but never soccer much.  Now, I wish I would have played soccer as a little kid.

My boyfriend and I went to our first Crew game together earlier this year against Colorado, and before the game, I figured I wouldn’t really understand what was going on.  I really just wanted to spend time with him.  We got to the game, and we didn’t have tickets in the Nordecke, so we had to sneak in.  I wasn’t really for it all at first, but once we made it in, I loved it.

I loved the atmosphere of the Nordecke.  I loved being around people that love the team.  The drums are my favorite because it makes everything so much better, so much more intense.  From that moment on, I realized I loved soccer!  Ever since then, I go to soccer games whenever I can, and I talk to my boyfriend about it all the time.  I love watching games with him every week.  I was never a soccer fan at all, but now I am a massive Columbus Crew soccer fan!

Be Massive.


About Be Massive Soccer

A fan's perspective on the Columbus Crew.
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