MLS Salaries Released

The MLS Players Union released the salaries of all the players in MLS this weekend.  Here are the player salaries for the Crew: (the first number is the base salary, and the second number is guaranteed compensation).

CLB- Adlard, Andy M $32,600.04, $32,600.04
CLB- Anor, Bernardo M $42,000.00, $42,000.00
CLB- Balchan, Rich D $42,000.00, $58,875.00
CLB- Burns, Kevin M $42,000.00, $42,000.00
CLB- Cunningham, Jeffrey F $140,000.00, $152,500.00
CLB- Duka, Dilaver M $90,000.00, $223,000.00
CLB- Ekpo, Emmanuel M $200,000.00, $222,250.00
CLB- Francis, Shaun D $42,000.00, $42,000.00
CLB- Gardner, Joshua M $49,200.00, $49,200.00
CLB- Gaven, Eddie M-F $209,633.00, $209,633.00
CLB- Gehrig, Eric M $32,600.04, $32,600.04
CLB- Griffit, Leandre M $55,000.00, $55,000.00
CLB- Grossman, Cole M $42,000.00, $42,000.00
CLB- Gruenebaum, Andy GK $65,000.00, $66,666.67
CLB- Heinemann, Tommy F $42,000.00, $42,000.00
CLB- Hesmer, William GK $152,500.00, $163,500.00
CLB- Iro, Andy D $68,596.00, $87,346.00
CLB- James, Julius D $62,794.00, $72,169.00
CLB- Marshall, Chad D $250,000.00, $320,000.00
CLB- Mendoza, Andres F $500,000.00, $595,000.00
CLB- Meram, Justin F $42,000.00, $66,375.00
CLB- Miranda, Sebastian D $110,000.00, $115,000.00
CLB- O’Rourke, Danny D $121,000.00, $133,500.00
CLB- Prim, Santiago M $32,600.00, $32,600.00
CLB- Renteria, Emilio F $120,000.00, $121,875.00
CLB- Riggs, Alex GK $32,600.04, $32,600.04
CLB- Rogers, Robbie M-F $140,000.00, $140,000.00
CLB- Rusmir, Dejan M $159,996.00, $170,496.00
CLB- Sippola, Ben M-D $32,600.04, $32,600.04
CLB- Veeder, Korey D $32,600.00, $34,475.00
CLB- Williams, Josh D $42,000.00, $42,000.00

Designated Player Andres Mendoza will be earning the most money this year on the Crew.  He has yet to live up to his paycheck, with his only goal in MLS this year coming on a penalty kick.

The rest of the salaries throughout MLS can be found here.

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