The word MASSIVE is defined as, “large in scale, amount, or degree.”  The Columbus Crew are often referred to as being MASSIVE.  Why, you ask?  Well…

“To say that Massive is an us-against-the-world thing is to identify the core concept — and to oversimplify. Massive is uniquely Columbus. It embodies years of frustration. It takes into account the perception that the city is some isolated backwater lacking in the sophistication of those glorious metropolises, Cleveland and Cincinnati. It operates, rightly or wrongly, on the theory that nobody on the outside — owners, league officials, referees, media — is prepared to cut the local side a break. It assumes added impediment and girds to go beyond. To be Massive is to overcome. And to overcome, one must be Massive.”          – Michael Arace, Columbus Dispatch

This blog will try it’s best to convey the MASSIVE concept and idea that is the Columbus Crew.

Never Quit!  Never Backdown!

Be Massive.


About Be Massive Soccer

A fan's perspective on the Columbus Crew.
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