2011 Schedule

2011 Schedule (Home Team Listed First)

February 22- (CCL) Columbus Crew v. Real Salt Lake: 0-0

March 1- (CCL) Real Salt Lake v. Columbus Crew: 4-1

March 19- (MLS) D.C. United v. Columbus Crew: 3-1

March 26- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. New York Red Bulls: 0-0

April 1- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. FC Dallas: 2-0

April 9- (MLS) Chivas USA v. Columbus Crew: 0-0

April 16- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Sporting Kansas City: 1-0

April 23- (MLS) Toronto FC v. Columbus Crew: 1-1

April 30- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Vancouver Whitecaps: 2-1

May 7- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Seattle Sounders:(Preview/Recap) 1-1

May 14- (MLS) San Jose Earthquakes v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 3-0

May 21- (MLS) Portland Timbers v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 1-0

May 28- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Chivas USA: (Preview/Recap) 3-3

June 4- (MLS) New York Red Bulls v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 1-1

June 8- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Real Salt Lake: (Preview/Recap) 2-1

June 12- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Chicago Fire: (Recap) 0-1

June 18- (MLS) Houston Dynamo v. Columbus Crew: (Recap) 0-2

June 26- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Colorado Rapids: (Preview/Recap) 4-1

June 28- (USOC) Columbus Crew v. Richmond Kickers: (Preview/Recap) 1-2

July 2- (MLS) FC Dallas v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 2-0

July 6- (MLS) Vancouver Whitecaps v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 0-1

July 16- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. San Jose Earthquakes: (Preview/Recap) 0-0

July 20- (MLS) LA Galaxy v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 1-0

July 23- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Portland Timbers: (Preview/Recap) 1-0

July 26- (Friendly) Columbus Crew v. Newcastle United: (Preview/Recap) 0-3

July 30- (MLS) Real Salt Lake v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 0-2

August 5- (MLS) Colorado Rapids v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 2-0

August 13- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. New England Revolution: (Preview/Recap) 3-1

August 20- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Philadelphia Union: (Preview/Recap) 2-1

August 27- (MLS) Seattle Sounders v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 6-2

September 10- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Toronto FC: (Preview/Recap) 2-4

September 14- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. Houston Dynamo: (Preview/Recap) 2-2

September 17- (MLS) Philadelphia Union v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 1-0

September 24- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. LA Galaxy: (Preview/Recap) 0-1

September 28- (MLS) Sporting Kansas City v. Columbus Crew: (Recap) 1-2

October 2- (MLS) Columbus Crew v. D.C. United: (Preview/Recap) 2-1

October 15- (MLS) New England Revolution v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 0-3

October 22- (MLS) Chicago Fire v. Columbus Crew:(Preview/Recap) 3-2

October 27- (Playoffs) Colorado Rapids v. Columbus Crew: (Preview/Recap) 1-0

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